Day: August 12, 2018

The Great Himalayan National Park

Himalayan National Park Characterized by dazzling high ridges, glaciers, deep gorges, alpine meadows and valleys with closed virgin forests, the Great Himalayan National Park with an altitudinal variation from 1,300m to 6,100m in Kullu district is one of the best destinations for Himalayan flora and fauna lovers. Supporting a diverse wildlife of over three hundred […]

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Himalaya Mountain Range

Himalaya Mountain Range India is home to one of the most beautiful mountains in the world, the Himalaya Mountains, which boast the world’s highest and most famousĀ  mountain peak, Mt. Everest. In a memorable verse of the ‘Kumarsambhava’, the famous Sanskrit poet Kalidasa compares the Himalaya to a gigantic measuring rod striding the earth between […]

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Glaciers of India

Glaciers of India The Siachen glacier lies in the extreme north-central part of Jammu and Kashmir near the border of India and Tibet. With a length of about 72-km, Siachen is known as the largest glacier in the world outside the Polar Regions. Located on the north-facing slopes of the Karakoram Range, Siachen feeds the […]

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